By Author:  Talia V. Scott


The highly anticipated collection of poetry, “Unicorn Tears, Penis Envy, & Other Fascinating Sh^t” has not stopped short of serving up vivid gasp-inducing imagery. These five chapters are an emotional round-trip ticket in the jump seat that ebbs and flows from the smooth rhythm of Jazz Poetry to pure grittiness akin to the Beat Generation in its urgent need to explore the human condition, the temporary beat downs of circumstance, and liberation. This collection is a diary, a memoir, and a mood that centers on self as she navigates the experiences of figuring sh^t out. The words are eloquent and raw. Metaphorically heavy, the topics traverse a range of topics including, but certainly not limited to, love & loss (of course), evolution, friendships, the shadow, dodging bullets, and natural disasters. From the first poem to the last, there is something for everyone; every woman, every man, every artist, and every person that’s ever sat in the audience wondering what the hell just happened.  No wonder the title is so long. There is a lot of fascinating sh^t buried in these 92 pages and this is only Volume I. An introductory body of metaphorical tales with Unicorns smoking cigarettes backstage at the pony show, the search for peckers we lost in the patriarchy, and the romantic tragedies too grammatically incorrect to be written in true form...but someone has to see this sh#t. Volume 2 will ask the real questions, starting with: WTF?

Unicorn Tears, Penis Envy, and Other Fascinating Sh^t

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